Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Digital Tools in Engineering - Final Reflection

During the spring 2011 semester in this Digital Tools class, I have undergone a series of revelations about technology in education.  Technology is vast. Technology is powerful. Technology can be dangerous.  Technology can be difficult to implement in the classroom.

We all know the sayings like ‘no pain, no gain’, ‘nothing in life is free’, ‘nothing in life worth having comes easy’. Using, implementing, and making technology useful in education is not easy, but when done right is so beneficial to the next generations’ learning.  

Educators are charged with this task.  Being a smart, resourceful, and educated educator is essential to the success of these endeavors.  I know I have work to do.  Good luck to you all.


  1. Wow, so true! Students will also need to learn how to choose technological tools that they will need in their learning and in their professional lives. They have to know that learning how to learn new tools (because of constant change) will also be a part of their life experiences. The ability to innovate is a key trait for engineers. Their adaptability will extend to technology as well.

  2. Lydia,
    I think when it comes to engineering, students must also be given the freedom (with guiding resources) to bring new technology to the table for regular and design based courses. Many times instructors are so focused on what they want students to obtain from the class that they are blind to the new resources and tools these students are taking advantage of. This may be in their personal lives or from other courses. In addition to being educators we have to be open to learning from the students as well to help follow technology trends and what students are currently taking advantage of. So I agree, it is a big task but we have to make sure to be open as learners in the process as well.

  3. I think you are right when you say that implementing and using technology in the classroom isn't always easy but when done right is worth it. I think technology can really take learning to a whole new level and I think that it will continue to change a grow as technology changes and grows. I agree that teachers need to move beyond the initial challenges, and questions they have in order to reap the benefits that technology can have in the classroom.